Roller conveyors

Roller conveyors

Marvu supplies roller conveyor belts that provide optimal transport in the production process. Roller conveyors are used throughout the food processing industry for transporting packed products.

These conveyors are constructed with high-grade plastic or stainless steel rollers and are suitable for heavy-duty work. They are suitable for processing crates, boxes and trays and are ideal accumulators.  Marvu supplies gravity (non-driven) and chain driven roller conveyors that are a relatively low-cost investment.

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Marvu conveyors are ergonomically designed for ease of use and minimum maintenance.

Marvu supplies roller conveyors with a large number of expansion possibilities.
In this way, they form the ideal solution to your specific logistics requirements.

Marvu provides a large number of optional accessories, including:

  • Right-angle transfer unit
  • Lift section
  • Stoppers

All types are designed in accordance with HACCP standards.

Type 550 Right-angle transfer unit:
Consists of a plate frame and alters the product orientation or direction of flow. This type incorporates various methods for right-angle transfer that do not require fences. Suitable for transporting crates, boxes and trays.