Wire mesh conveyor belts

Wire mesh conveyor belts

Marvu supplies a wide range of wire mesh conveyor belts that provide optimal transport in the production process. Wire mesh conveyor belts are common throughout the food processing industry, irrespective of whether a dry or wet cleaning method is used.

Because of their open structure, wire mesh conveyor belts are easy to clean.  Because the wire mesh is made from stainless steel, these belts are ideal for use in production environments with high or low temperatures. Wire mesh conveyor belts have a positive drive, which guarantees slip-free transport without any tracking problems.

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Marvu conveyors are ergonomically designed for ease of use and minimum maintenance.

Marvu supplies wire mesh conveyor belts with a large number of expansion possibilities.
In this way, they form the ideal solution to your specific logistics requirements.

Marvu provides a large number of optional accessories, including:

  • Side guides
  • Scrap and drip plates
  • Flights

All types are designed in accordance with HACCP standards.

Type 306 Retracting conveyor wash down:
Consists of a plate frame. The retracting conveyor has a nose bar designed for guiding products to another belt with a different width positioned at a right angle. Also makes it possible to have machines operating at different speeds in the same production line. Suitable for transporting unpacked products.

Type 390 Telescopic conveyor:
Consists of a plate frame.  The telescopic conveyor has a manually adjustable transport length, with which different line configurations can be created. Suitable for transporting packed and unpacked products.

Type 395 Transfer unit:
Consists of a plate frame. The transfer unit has a narrow nose bar for smooth transitions between different conveyor belts. Suitable for transporting unpacked products.

Type 397 Spreading conveyor:
Consists of a plate frame. A spreading conveyor could beside a wire mesh belt chain also be fitted with a string- or modular belt and is used for the product separation in-line with a maximum convergence of divergence angle of 6 degrees. Suitable for transporting unpacked products.

Besides a wire mesh belt, the above types can also be fitted with other kinds of belt.