Dairy produce

Dairy produce

This sector mainly processes:

  • Liquid dairy products (such as milk and yoghurt)
  • Solid dairy products (such as cheese)

Marvu has extensive experience in the sector, especially in the processing of solid dairy products.

For example, cheese makers have to have machinery they can trust to process their products carefully and transport them unfailingly to the next stage in the production process. Food safety, hygiene and ease of maintenance play an important role in this respect. Marvu analyses its customers’ products and production processes in order to devise tailored solutions.

Internal transport systems

Marvu can deliver a wide range of logistics solutions for various phases in the production process, including, for example, brining, refining and transporting whole and packaged cheeses.

The following types of conveyor belts are frequently used in the dairy produce sector:

If necessary, logistics solutions can be combined with special machines, such as weighing systems and metal detectors.

Marvu conveyors and machines are designed according to HACCP standards and made from stainless steel and plastics. Marvu would be glad to offer you expert advice on the type of type conveyor belt, special machine or logistics solution that would be best for your specific situation!