Dosing machines

Dosing machines

Marvu’s dosing machines combine high capacity with reliable weight reproducibility. We build the following types:

Type 701 Forming and portioning machine:
This highly accurate machine portions delicate fillings, for example, for meat, fish or chicken products, but can also be used for egg rolls and apple pies. The Type 701 forming and portioning machine is used for accurately portioning amounts up to 500 grams at a maximum rate of 50 units per minute.

Type 702 Volume dosing machine:
This machine doses (semi-)liquid products such as, for example, sauces, jam, fruit fillings and cake mix highly accurately. The Type 702 Volume dosing machine is used for accurately dosing amounts up to 1100 grams at a maximum rate of 50 units per minute.

The advantages of dosing machine Types 701/702:

  • Works highly accurately
  • Has short changeover times
  • User-friendly cleaning guaranteed; can be dismantled (taken off a production line) without tools
  • Ideal for small production areas because of its compactness
  • Product shape can be quickly and easily changed