Weighing machine

Weighing machine

Marvu’s weighing systems are used throughout the food processing industry. Marvu combines weighing machines with conveyors to make single, continuous systems and constructs them completely in accordance with your requirements.

This type of system makes it possible to produce bulk batches, add ingredients and carry out weight controls. Because of our in-depth experience in weighing applications (checkweighers), we can supply customer-specific and dependable total systems.

Via a touchscreen or indicator, the amount to be weighed off can be easily adjusted. A large, clear display shows the actual weight in numbers and using coloured LEDs. All weighing applications are executed calibrated.

The advantages of weighing machines:

  • Combines transport with weighing applications
  • Facilitates the combination with pick and place
  • Has a touchscreen or weight indicator for easily configuring the required weight
  • Are executed calibrated