i-Drive™ conveyor system

The i-Drive transport is a combination of modular conveyor belts with Intralox i-Drive modules that creates a seamless, endless loop for straight-line, curved and vertical transport. It is suitable for unpacked and packed products.

The i-Drive transport has a number of advantages over conventional systems with metal roller bars:

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Roel van de Ven

Roel van de Ven

Project Manager

+31 (0)413 478 828
Roel van de Ven

Roel van de Ven

Project Manager

+31 (0)413 478 828

i-Drive™ technology

The i-Drive technology was developed in collaboration with Intralox. Each i-Drive module has teeth, which grip the links in the modular conveyor belt. As a result, the belt tension is extremely low, which means breakdowns and maintenance are kept to a minimum. The quantity and location of the i-Drive modules is project-dependent. Their operation is synchronised via electronic connections.

This transport systems can be used in every sector of the food processing industry, but are particularly suitable for bread and pastries. Marvu has already installed i-Drive transport at La Lorraine, Kohberg, Millenaar Bakery and Bakkersland.


The i-Drive transport is completely custom-built for turn-key projects and can be fully integrated in an existing transport system (retrofit). This makes it possible to expand a project with more conveyors at the start or at the end of an endless loop transport system.


Our products are delivered with a standard warranty term of 12 months after project completion; pre-defined wear parts are, however, excluded.

Health Check

Transport systems incorporating i-Drive™ Technology can be optionally delivered with a health check package, consisting of a three-year warranty plus an annual health check inspection. The inspection includes a general system check, maintenance of the i-Drive™ blocks and reports of the results. The package can be extended with an additional warranty period of two years.

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"Because we have to be able to get daily fresh products on the shelves in supermarkets on time, minimising downtime is a top priority.”

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