Conveyor systems

Marvu specialises in manufacturing conveyor systems for the food processing industry. We can provide a tailored solution for all your logistics requirements. We are passionate about connecting separate line production stages to create a single smoothly running system. Marvu takes care of the entire process of the production of the conveyor system from advice, design, production, assembly, commissioning, service and overhaul.

All conveyor systems are produced in-house and we only supply customized solutions. Engineering is extremely important to Marvu and is our passion. With our wealth of knowledge of and years of experience in the food processing industry, and solution-minded approach, we use high-quality manufacturing techniques in an efficient, ergonomic and hygienic work environment.

Conveyor belts

Each sector has its own unique characteristics and production methods. The different production situations each require a unique specific treatment. That is why we produce various types of conveyor belts for internal transport. Our range consists of:

Marvu supplies a broad assortment of conveyors made completely from stainless steel and high-grade plastics. Analysing the product and the production process is important to be able to choose the right conveyor belt type. On the basis of that information, Marvu can provide you with a logistics solution tailored to your company’s needs.

Why choose Marvu

  • Complete support from advice till commissioning
  • Connecting processes
  • Tailored solutions
  • Over 25 years experience
  • 24/7 Service

Special machines

In addition to conveyors, Marvu also supplies special machines for various operations in the food processing industry that we assemble and install on the basis of your specific situation.

Our special machines form part of the total logistics process and are combined with conveyors to form a single integrated system. Special machines can of course be designed for you as a standalone unit. Marvu specialises in manufacturing tailormade conveyor systems and special machine for the food processing industry.

For more information about our conveyor systems or questions about your internal transport issue? Please do contact us. Our specialists will offer you the best possible logistics solution.

Roel van de Ven

Roel van de Ven

Project Manager

+31 (0)413 478 828
Roel van de Ven

Roel van de Ven

Project Manager

+31 (0)413 478 828
“The expansion was urgently needed, and thanks to Marvu’s customised transport lines, the slaughterhouse now operates much more efficiently.”

Steven Jespers

General director Belki

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