Bag sealing packing machine

The Bag sealing machine is highly efficient. This food packaging machine is primarily designed to package dough products – prior to freezing, for example – but is can also be used in other food processing industries.

Using this plastic bag sealing machine ensures efficient processing when products are packed, for example when straight forward handling is desired after freezing. Also dehydration during the freezing process will be reduced. This food packaging machine is often part of a packing line.

The length of the sealing bar is fixed, but available in custom sizes.

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Marvu Mark Derks

Mark Derks

Project Manager

+31 (0)413 478 828
Marvu Mark Derks

Mark Derks

Project Manager

+31 (0)413 478 828

The advantages of the bag sealing packing machine:

  • Sealing speeds of up to 15 cycles per minute
  • This bag sealing machine seals form the top, so dividing the conveyor or re-orientation of the product is not necessary
  • Prevents frozen products clumping together
  • Protects product quality
  • Reduces frost formation in the freezer

Marvu conveyors and food packaging machines are designed according to HACCP standards and made from stainless steel and plastics. Marvu cooperates with the best food packing machine manufacturers of Europe and would be pleased to give you expert advice on combined transport solutions tailored to your situation!

Working Method

  • 1. Inventory and advice
  • 2. Design
  • 3. Assembly and mounting
  • 4. Service

We connect the individual process steps in production lines into one smooth-running whole.
Together with you, we go through 4 steps and develop the perfect production line.

In short: Marvu takes care of the whole process.

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