Ball roller

The type 750 ball roller is a machine that is mainly used in the meat processing industry in situations where meat needs to be rolled into a ball. The machine is capable of producing (meat)balls with a diameter of up to 60 mm.

The solution to your logistics requirements when:

  • A portioned amount of meat needs to be rolled into a ball
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Corné van der Leest

Corné van der Leest

Sales Engineer

+31 (0)413 478 828
Corné van der Leest

Corné van der Leest

Sales Engineer

+31 (0)413 478 828

Advantages of the Type 750 ball roller

  • Compact and hygienic design
  • Robust drive for the upper conveyor belt
  • Fitted with a simple folding top cover
  • Comes standard equipped with Ströter mechanical variators where the speed can be easily regulated by using a handwheel

Marvu conveyors and ball rollers are designed according to HACCP standards and made from stainless steel and plastics. Marvu cooperates with the best ball roller manufacturers of Europe and would be pleased to give you expert advice on combined transport solutions tailored to your situation!

Working Method

  • 1. Inventory and advice
  • 2. Design
  • 3. Assembly and mounting
  • 4. Service

We connect the individual process steps in production lines into one smooth-running whole.
Together with you, we go through 4 steps and develop the perfect production line.

In short: Marvu takes care of the whole process.

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