Veldt’s “Wrong-shaped Pancakes”

A unique idea!

Veldt’s Pannenkoeken BV wanted to come up with a unique product that the company could present at last year's Horecava (trade fair for the hotel and catering industry). The result was a product that had never been seen before on the market: a square pancake!


In order to produce the special pancake, Veldt had to make several adjustments to the production process. The company's standard products are round pancakes with diameters of Ø20, Ø24 and Ø30 cm. In December, Christiaan Veldt reached out to Mark Derks – Marvu's Service and Control Department - to enquire about having the dosing cups of the production machine adapted for the square pancake.


Christiaan was ultimately able to go to the Horecava in Amsterdam in January with 100 boxes of wrong-shaped pancakes. Because of the huge success, full production started in February. According to Christiaan Veldt, “We are now one year further and have noticed that the square pancake is a rather strange but pleasant surprise, especially at care centres for the elderly.” Christiaan Veldt is appreciative of the cooperation with Mark Derks and Harrie van Esch of Marvu. He complimented them on helping to put this wonderfully unique product on the market. The wrong-shaped pancake has now finally been assigned a permanent place in the company's assortment. It is mainly delivered to wholesalers such as Makro, Sligro, etc. or exported.


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