Pastry factory Van Rooij

Pastry factory Van Rooij
The Netherlands
Food sector
Bread and Pastry
Type 400 Rapid curved belt conveyor – Type 217 Fabric belt
Transport length
Approx. 120 meters
Customised products
Custom solution for optimising the production process routing

Banketfabriek Van Rooij, based in Mill in Brabant, makes small puff pastry products. In order to increase production capacity, the company invested in a new wider belt oven. This project entailed setting up the pre and post oven transport system.

Our solution

Manual handling was replaced by an automated system in order to guarantee a set continuous product resting time.

  • Continuous steady supply of products on conveyor belts
  • In order to save floor space, the system was installed on a raised platform.
  • the new transport system connects to the existing production line, which leads to the packing section

Frank van Rooij, Manager Director Banketfabriek Gebr. Van Rooij

The payback from the investment cannot be expressed in figures, but we will certainly benefit from trouble-free production with negligible downtime and the reduction or possible elimination of variables. Our recent investment has reduced variables like production disruptions to a minimum.

The people at Marvu speak our language, they are expert professionals and guarantee the effective follow-up of the agreements that have been made. The new machinery is of very high quality and in balance with the amount invested.

The installation work was carried out as we agreed and our requirements concerning food safety were met.


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