Vandemoortele Brunssum – Bread and Pastry

Vandemoortele Brunssum – Bread and Pastry
The Netherlands
Food sector
Bread and Pastry
Type 360 (retrofit) and Type 395 Transfer unit
Transport length
Approx. 45 meter
Customised products
Retrofit conveyor system with the addition of an exchangeable conveyor belt

Vandemoortele Brunssum manufactures pies, cakes and other pastry products. Marvu is the regular supplier of conveyor belts to Vandemoortele Brunssum.

Marvu Mark Derks

Mark Derks

Project Manager

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Our solutions

This project consisted of adapting and converting an existing transport system with the aim of reducing maintenance and breakdowns and increasing food safety and operational reliability.

  • The existing construction (framework) of the transport line remained intact
  • Complete conveyor belt and drives were renewed

Frank Doelen, Head of Technical Department at Vandemoortele Brunssum

“Now we don’t need to oil the conveyor belt any more, maintenance has been reduced and any repairs have become simpler. It also means the system is easier to clean. Overall, the reliability of the transport system has increased.”

“Since we have been purchasing conveyor belts from Marvu for many years. We had full confidence that Marvu would be able to provide the best solution for this project. Marvu’s products are of a very high quality. Marvu is reliable and works transparently. Problems always crop up, but this makes it all the more important that these are dealt with seriously and resolved. Marvu has an extremely good after sales service.”


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